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Shaanu Computers is a service based company and has been giving the services from the past 20 years to their customers. We have a lot of experienced people with us having experience of 5 - 10 years. We provide services with full satisfaction to our customers.
We aim at having MORE AND MORE BUISNESS FROM THE EXISTING CLIENTS, means, we dont want to lose our customers and do every possible effort to retain them.
Quality of services is ensured so the client need not worry in that aspect when they are working with Shaanu Computers. We ensure that the call is locked within 48 working hours of the company to provide full satisfaction to the customers.

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Our Services

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
Search Engine Optimization aims at making your official website listed in the top order when a search engine searches for some keywords related to your website. These services play an important role in increasing the throughput of the company. In order to make the website listed in the top orders Shaanu Computers can help you with.You can know more about SEO. Know More or you can also tok to us and get your queries resolved. Contact US

Tally Services
We are authorized Tally Service Partners, Tally Support Partners, Tally Integrators in Delhi/ NCR from the past 8 years. We are also authorized to customize Tally according to the needs of the customer. We have a lot of experienced and certified people from Tally who can greet you at the best. To know more about Tally. Know More else you can contact us and we will help you to the best. Contact US If you have Tally and are facing problems you can Contact US

Search Accounts JOB or Find Accounts People
Today there is a hassle about finding a JOB and there is equal problems in finding a good employee for your company. So Shaanu Computers has started this services of providing the jobs to the people in different companies and the ease of finding a good employee for your deemed company at just a click.
So, you can upload your resume or you can give us details of what kind of a person you require for your company and we will provide you with a quality person not quantity. Upload Resume/ Find Employees .

Support and AMC
We provide you with Support and AMC for all computer related equipments. AMC contract is for 1 year which can be renewed every year. We provide our customers with the best services. We have a lot of experienced people in our company to grret you.
To know more Click Here or to contact us directly click here Contact US

Website Development
To increase the productivity of the company and to increase the sales of the company all you need is a dynamic and excellent looking website. We can help you for the same. We create dynamic and static websites at resonable costs. We have done a lot of projects which are not showed here becaouse of security reasons.
You can view more Click Here or you can directly Contact US and give us your query.

Custom Softwares
Now the companies wants to have best output of the companies to earn best profits and for that they need a software which can speed up their work and is very easy to understand and alo is user friendly. Also they want that the provider should provide them with services afterwards also once the software is finished.
So, we are here to help you for the same. We can provide you with quality and reliable softwares for your company.
You can conatct us for more queries Contact US or you can view more Here .

Are you having problems in having syncronization in your coampany? Then Shaanu Computers is the one who should be conatcted for.
Shaanu Computers have excellent networking skills which are even more delighted with quality. Once yu have networking done from us you wont be facing problems till years.
For more info Click here or you can Contact Us .

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Biometrics Services
Do there is a problem in maintaining the attendance of the employees of your coampany? if yes then we are here to help you.
We provide with biometric services i.e. installation and maintainance at competitive prices. Biometrics services include all kinds of gadgets included in yhis category.

Domain and Emails
To launch a website you need a domain name and some server space? Then Shaanu Computers are the one to be contacted for the same.
We also give Email solutions i.e. email at your company name We also provide you with an email for unlimited emails daily.
To know more Click Here or you can directly Contact US

Driver Download
Having problems in downloading the drivers for your laptop, Personnel Computers(PC) or Printers? Then come to us.
We provide an user interactive interface for downloading official releases of the drivers available for your gadgets taht too at no cost at one click.
You can Click Here to download drivers for your gadgets.